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San Jose Zoom Teeth WhiteningZoom Teeth Whitening (teeth bleaching)

Zoom teeth whitening is safe, effective, fast, and performed only by a dental professional. The complete procedure takes less than an hour. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed by 45 minutes of bleaching. (A cleaning is recommended prior to the actual Zoom whitening session.) You’ll leave the office with visibly whiter teeth in under an hour.


Sincere Smiles offers both Zoom Advanced and then new Zoom WhiteSpeed.

Zoom WhiteSpeed differs from Zoom Advanced in a couple of areas:

  • Zoom WhiteSpeed utilizes LED lights versus UV with Zoom Advanced. Therefore patients who are sensitive to UV or that medication that may be affected by UV light will benefit from using Zoom WhiteSpeed.
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed has three different settings for sensitivity which allows patients to undergo longer treatments and gain better results.

In-home Teeth Whitening (teeth bleaching)

If you would like to try to bleach your teeth at home we ill make an impression of your teeth, and make a custom-fitted tray made especially to fit your teeth. We will then give you a bleaching agent that comes in the form of a bleaching gel. The gel is placed in the custom-fitted tray and worn up to two hours daily or at night for about two weeks depending on the strength of the bleach and our recommendation.

Actual Patients of Sincere Smiles for Zoom Teeth Whitening


Sincere Smiles Zoom Teeth Whitening BeforeBefore
Sincere Smiles Zoom Teeth Whitening AfterAfter

Dr. Fatima Vafai is highly skilled and experienced in providing both Zoom Advanced Teeth Whitening and Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening. Contact Sincere Smiles today for the best affordable teeth whitening in San Jose.