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Dr. Fatima Vafai. Experienced San Jose Dentist.

Dr. Fatima VafaiHello, my name is Dr. Fatima Vafai (Vah Fah ee) and I would like to personally welcome you to our  San Jose, CA dental office and website. Let me introduce myself...

I was born in the USA and moved overseas with my family as a child. I graduated among the top of my class from Isfahan Dental University.  After practicing dentistry for a few years post graduation, I moved back to the USA.  Upon meeting all requirements, I was certified by the Dental Board of California.  Prior to establishing my practice, I gained further experience in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry through having had the privilege of associating with several of the best dentists in the bay area.


I am affiliated with the American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and the Santa Clara County Dental Society (SCCDS).  I am also a certified Invisalign and Laser dentist.

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I believe in preventive  and minimally invasive dentistry. I use the latest technologies available such as Caries ID, Digital Radiography, Intraoral Cameras, Inlay/Onlays, Veneers, Laser Dentistry, Invisalign, Zoom advanced power in-office whitening and much more (see Services for details).  I am dedicated to continuing education and exceed the licensing requirements by attending countless hours of dental courses, lectures, and hands on workshops.

In my personal life, I take pleasure in spending time with my family and friends, dancing, riding roller coasters, playing Wii games, and keeping fit.  As a mother myself I have a wonderful rapport with children.

I would also like pay tribute to my deceased father, Mr. Reza Vafai for his contribution to my education and the support he provided in my life.

“Saving teeth and creating a smile that gives my patients more confidence and happiness is my greatest professional pleasure.”


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Client Testimonials

"I was scared of dentists and I guess it was obvious when Dr. Vafai found 10 cavities in my mouth. The reason that I was scared of dentists was that I'm a very tall guy, so it takes a while for shots to actually have effect on me and make my mouth numb. My previous dentists didn't care about this issue and would start work before I was numb, which obviously was so painful. Dr. Vafai, very patiently gave me several shots, and she made sure that I was numb and wouldn't feel anything then she started her work. I should also mention that when she was giving me the shots I honestly didn't feel anything. The other good part of my visit was when I could watch a movie while they were working on my teeth. With 10 fillings to fill, I was in her dental office for 4 hours, but with the movies the time passed by very quick. I left with healthy teeth and a pleasant memory, something to smile about!‎"

-Amin R.